Our distillery is founded on experimenting with wormwood spirits. Early on, wormwood was an illusive banned ingredient, best known for its use in traditional absinthe. On our first distillation we fell in love with more than the myth though, the subtle lucid wakeful feel was unlike any other spirit. Unknown to us at the time, spirits with wormwood were nearing the end of a century old ban.

 After over a decade of perfecting our unique distilling methods we are releasing a one-of-a-kind wormwood spirit that departs from traditional absinthe, a wormwood rye. Made from fermenting a rye and corn thin mash on the grain, single distilling with a wormwood backset through suspended grains in our modified column still, and finally stave aging with American and French oak. You end up with a familiar but new taste for what a rye and a wormwood spirit can be. Steering away from traditional herbal absinthe, we don’t use anise, licorice, or other herbs – just keeping the wormwood, so you get the feel of an absinthe and the taste of rye.

 Only making small batches in our hand-made still and using a grain column distilling technique makes for a completely crafted method that we use to this day at our distillery in north Brooklyn. This gives our spirits a noticeable closeness to the grain that ties us back to the upstate farms we grew up around, the same region where we source all of our local organic NY grains from and grow our own wormwood. It makes our moonshine and wormwood rye smooth at 90 proof with a sweet corn body and spicy rye finish. This is the standard of our distillery – pushing the boundaries of classic liquors by redefining and reinventing the craft of what wormwood spirits can be. 
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